Bendigo Bank Geelong Wine Show – 17 & 18 October

Now in its 18th year, the Geelong Wine Show continues to bring together big and small producers from across the Geelong Wine Region showcasing the quality and diversity of their wines.

This event is an essential benchmarking opportunity in the wine industry and this year’s wine show will once again welcome Robert Paul as Chief Judge.

A key emphasis on the Wine Show is to use the Show as a learning and development opportunity for the region’s winegrowers.  Entrants will once again be provided with written feedback to exhibitors who were unsuccessful in securing a medal for their wine that could be drawn upon in future wine making decisions.  An opportunity will also be provided through the Associate Judging Program for an aspiring Geelong winemaker to obtain a mentored judging experience both at the Geelong and Victorian Wine Shows in 2017.

This year’s Public tasting will take place after the Awards Dinner on Friday 20 October in order to provide the public with an opportunity to taste all the wines entered into the Show including the Trophy and Medal winners.

It is with thanks to the sponsors, judges and Geelong region producers who make the Geelong Wine Show one of the standout regional wine shows in Australia.

Aims of the Wine Show

  • To promote excellence in wine growing in the region.
  • To provide winegrowers with a benchmarking opportunity for their wines.
  • To broadly promote the wines of the region to the wine trade and wine drinking public.
  • To identify the best wines of the region each year.
  • To foster links between sponsors and the wine industry.

2017 Sponsors

The Geelong Winegrowers Association would like to thank and acknowledge our 2016 sponsors.  This event is possible due to their generous support and we urge all members and exhibitors to consider this support when making their next purchase decision.


Awards Presentation Dinner

7pm, Friday 20 October

The Geelong Wine Show culminates in an Awards Presentation Dinner to present and showcase our trophy winners.

On the evening we will witness the inaugural induction to the Geelong Wine Industry Hall of fame.

Enjoy a delicious menu featuring premium local ingredients, served alongside our trophy winning wines

This once a year dinner is open to both the wine industry and the public with tickets from September.

Don’t miss your chance to attend!

Public Tasting

Some of the amazing wines entered into the Show will be available to sample at our public tasting and will include trophy and medal winners.

Tickets are $35 per person with $20 redeemable on a purchase of 6 bottles or more.  Further details available soon.

Don’t miss your opportunity to try this year’s award winning wines from your very own doorstep.

2017 Judges

The purpose of the Committees criteria for judge selection is to ensure a diverse spread of expert opinion and viewpoint in relation to the wines being judged and so bring a broader relevance to the results and any influence they might have on Geelong winemakers and their wines. The wine show committee selects and invites suitable judges on the following criteria:

  • To achieve national/international standard results and avoid regional bias, highly experienced and nationally recognised judges are recruited from outside the Geelong Region.
  • Where possible the panel of 4 judges will consist of:
    • an experienced Chair of judges able to achieve out of a diverse judging panel the best results possible for the wines enetered
    • at least one female judge
    • one winemaker/technical judge
    • one consumer judge, either a wine buyer or sommellier
    • and one wine writer or media judge

Chair, Robert Paul

Robert Paul JudgeRobert Paul is a highly experienced Winemaker and Wine Show Judge.  He judged at the Geelong Wine Show in 2015, and so impressed the Wine Show Committee, became the unanimous choice for selection in the role of Chief Judge for 2016.

Robert has been making wine for over 30 years providing his services across most of Australia’s key wine regions as well as internationally in countries as diverse as France, Bulgaria, China, Argentina, Chile, and Turkey.  For the past 15 years he has worked in a consultancy role to many of Australia’s major wineries and is currently the Director of Vintager Winemaking Services.

Robert has extensive wine show judging experience which includes Panel Chair at Royal Melbourne, Victorian Wines Show, Rutherglen, Cowra, Australian Small Winemakers Show, and the International Cool Climate Wine Show.

You can download a copy of Roberts speech from the 2016 Awards Dinner here

Bendigo Bank

2016 Bendigo Bank Geelong Wine Show – Results

Bendigo Bank Trophy for Best Wine of the Show – 2015 Bellbrae Estate ‘Boobs’ Chardonnay

Vinvicta Products Trophy for Best Oak Matured Chardonnay – 2015 Bellbrae Estate ‘Boobs’ Chardonnay

Labelhouse Trophy for Best other White or Red varietal or blend – 2015 Del Rios Hildegard

The Black Salt Trophy for Best Pinot Noir – 2015 Mermerus Pinot Noir

Sirugue Cooperage Trophy for Best Shiraz – 2013 Dinny Goonan Shiraz

Geelong Wine Association Trophy for Most Successful Exhibitor – Mermerus Vineyard and Winery

Download the full list of medal winners here


2015 Bendigo Bank Geelong Wine Show – Results

A list of 2015 Medal Winners can be downloaded here

Bendigo Bank Trophy – Best Wine of the Show – 2014 Leura Park Estate Shiraz

The Geelong Winegrowers Award – Most Successful Exhibitor – Jack Rabbit Vineyard

Vinvicta Products Trophy – Best Oak Matured Chardonnay – 2014 Ponda Estate Chardonnay

The Black Salt Trophy – Best Pinot Noir – 2014 Mermerus Pinot Noir

The Sirugue Cooperage Trophy – Best Shiraz  – 2014 Leura Park Estate Shiraz

Label House Trophy – Best Other White or Red Varietal or Blend – 2014 Jack Rabbit Vineyard Cabernet Shiraz


Past Show Results

2015 Medal Winners
2014 wineshow web results

2013 Geelong Wine Show

2012 Geelong Wine Show
2011 Geelong Wine Show
2010 Geelong Wine Show
2009 Geelong Wine Show
2008 Geelong Wine Show
2007 Geelong Wine Show
2006 Geelong Wine Show
2005 Geelong Wine Show

Conditions of Entry

  1. Wines are eligible to be entered if at least 85% of the fruit is from within the “Geelong Region”. The “Geelong Region” is defined for this event as the Geelong GI area plus the following two extensions: A) the area within 20km of the Geelong GI area boundary. B) The area enclosed on the western side by the line of Longitude 143°32’, on the southern side by the coast, on the northern side by the Hamilton Highway east of the line of Longitude 143°20’, and on the eastern side by the line of the 20km buffer that runs parallel to the western side of the Geelong GI boundary.
  2. Entry is restricted to finished bottled wines which may be unlabelled. Wines entered that are not commercially labelled require a self adhesive label detailing the following information in a clear legible manner. Winery name, Wine name, Vintage, Variety/ies, Class entered, Alcohol content.
  3. Wines entered in varietal classes must be made from 85% or more of the grape variety specified.
  4. Wines entered in classes 1, 2, 7e, 7f, 7g, 14 & 15 must nominate varietal makeup and each percentage part thereof.
  5. Wines entered in classes 6, 7g, 10 & 13 must be commercially available for sale from a licensed outlet but have no minimum stock requirement.
  6. Wines with a residual sugar greater than 7g/L may only enter classes 1,2, 3b, & 15.  Wines entered in these classes must nominate residual sugar in g/L.
  7. The minimum stock holding for each entry except for classes 6, 7g, 10 & 13 is 20 dozen 750mL bottles or equivalent volume of finished wine as at Friday 6 October 2017.
  8. In all classes the wine in stock as stated on the Certificate of Entry, may be inspected and checked by the Association or its nominees. Inspections will be made. In which case each Exhibitor shall supply the association with a sealed envelope containing sale(s) reducing stock below the stipulated quantities after the entry date.
  9. Entry fees include GST and are $45 per wine for financial members of GWA and $70 per wine for non-financial members and non-members.
  10. All entries must be in writing on the entry form.
  11. All exhibits shall become the property of the GWA.  Excess wine can be used for promotional, educational and fundraising purposes in order to advance the interests and activities of the Geelong Wine Show
  12. 6 X 750mL bottles or equivalent volume are required for each entry.  Two of the entry bottles will be set aside for use at the public tasting.
  13. Entry forms accompanied by the appropriate fee must be received by 5 pm on Friday, 29 September 2017.
  14. Wine entries must be delivered (freight paid) between Monday 2 October and Friday 6 October 2017. Refer to ‘delivery of exhibits’ in the key dates section.
  15. No wine is to be entered more than once in the show.
  16. There must be at least 6 entries for any Class otherwise the committee may transfer those wines to another appropriate class. If this is not possible the wine and relevant entry fees will be returned to the exhibitor.
  17. Fees will not be refunded for withdrawn wines.
  18. Protests must be made within 7 days of the award’s announcement. However the judges’ decision is final and no discussion will be entered in to.  Wines may be disqualified if it is shown that:
    a.The entry is not commercially bottled; and/or
    b. The quantity claimed to be produced is found to be false; and
    c. Does not meet all entry standards.
  19. Following the judging wines will be awarded either a:
    – Gold Medal
    – Silver Medal
    – Bronze Medal

Or be deemed:
– Good commercial style
– Opportunities for improvement.

Written feedback to exhibitors will be provided on all entries that do not receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal.

  • Exhibitors of wines awarded Best of Class trophies will donate 36x750ml bottles or equivalent volume of the trophy winning wine to GWA to be featured at the Awards Presentation Dinner and other promotions.
  • Any exhibitor may be required to provide wines (up to four dozen) for the Awards Presentation Dinner at $200/case inclusive of WET & GST.
  • By entering each exhibitor agrees to comply with the ASVO Wine Show Recommendation for the use of wine show medal stickers.


For further clarification see

Key Dates

Wine Entries open – 1 September 2017

Wine Entries close – 29 September 2017

Awards Dinner – Bookings close 10 October 2017

Delivery of Exhibits – 2 – 6 October 2017
6 x 750ml or equivalent bottles required per wine entered
Deliver: with the attached label – LABEL

Judging Commences – Tuesday 17 October 2017

Exhibitors/Trade/Sponsors Tasting  – Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 2 – 4.30pm

Public Tasting: Saturday 21 October 2017

Awards Dinner – Friday 20 October 2017, 7pm – 12am

Awards and Trophies

As well as medals awarded to wines reaching award standard, a number of trophies will be presented at the Awards Presentation Dinner.

  • The Bendigo Bank Trophy for Best Wine in Show – Across all classes
  • Geelong Winegrowers AssociationTrophy for the Most Successful Exhibitor – Exhibitor with highest aggregate score from their top 4 wines in at least 2 classes
  • The VinVicta Products Trophy for Best Oak Matured  Chardonnay – Class 4, 5 & 6
  • Label House Trophy for Best Other White or Red Variety or Blend – Classes 3a & 3b, 7a to 7g, &14
  • The Black Salt Trophy for Best Pinot Noir – Class 8, 9 & 10
  • The Sirugue Cooperage Trophy for Best Shiraz – Class 11, 12 & 13

Judging scheme

The Geelong Wine Show is run in accordance with the ASVO Wine Show Project recommendations 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. and all exhibitors shall comply with the Winemakers Federation of Australia (WFA) code of practice for the display of awards. Only Gold Medal wines shall be eligible for trophies.

Wines are assessed by a panel of 3 judges with the results expressed using the 100 point system. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded to wines on the following basis:

Gold Medal: 95 points and over
Silver Medal: 90 – 94 points
Bronze Medal: 85- 89 points

The Geelong Wine Show showcases wines from wineries that use Geelong grown fruit to produce wine and is organized by the Geelong Winegrowers Association Inc. (GWA) through the Geelong Wine Show Committee. In 2015 over 200 wines were entered from more than 50 wineries. Judging occurs over a 2 day period which this year will be 17 & 18 October.

The GWA and the Geelong Wine Show Committee is committed to support and facilitate wine industry representatives to gain experience that will benefit themselves as well as the Geelong and broader wine industry in wine show judging

As part of this commitment the Geelong Wine Show has entered into a reciprocal agreement with the Victorian Wine Show that will provide an opportunity for the Associate Judge from the Geelong Wine Show to also participate in a mentored judging experience as an Associate Judge at the Victorian Wine Show.

The position of Associate Judge will be awarded to an applicant from within the GWA member community who is a GWA member or an employee of a GWA member, whom after due consideration and based on this application is considered by the Geelong Wine Show Committee to be the most suitable person to benefit from such an opportunity.


Please read the conditions of entry and regulations carefully and take care to fill in the entry form correctly. Where required please indicate residual sugar, (enabling wines of similar residual sugar content to be grouped together for judging). Entries that are not commercially labeled require a self adhesive label clearly detailing the following information: winery name, wine name, vintage, variety/varieties, class entered, alcohol content.
Please ensure you pack wines in cartons with the LABEL – 2017 Geelong Wine-Show completed and securely attached..

Wines to be delivered between Monday 2 & Friday 6 October 2017


Class 1 – Sparkling (white or red, any vintage or NV)
Class 2 – 2016/17 Rose
Class 3a – 2016/17 Pinot Grigio
Class 3b – 2016/17 Pinot Gris
Class 4 – 2016 oaked Chardonnay
Class 5 – 2015 oaked Chardonnay
Class 6 – 2014 or older oaked Chardonnay
Class 7a – 2016/17 Riesling
Class 7b – 2016/17 unoaked Sauvignon Blanc
Class 7c – 2016/17 oaked Sauvignon Blanc
Class 7d – 2016/17 blends of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc
Class 7e – 2016/17 other single varietal white
Class 7f – 2016/17 other white blend
Class 7g – 2015 or older other white varietals or blends
Class 8 – 2016 Pinot Noir
Class 9 – 2015 Pinot Noir
Class 10 – 2014 or older Pinot Noir
Class 11 – 2016 Shiraz
Class 12 – 2015 Shiraz
Class 13 – 2014 or older Shiraz
Class 14 – Any vintage other red varietals or blends
Class 15 – Any sweet table wine